Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger is seen duetting with his brother Chris on the younger sibling’s video for new single “Anyone Seen My Heart.”

The promo shows the pair working together on the arrangement before performing it. It appears on Chris’ latest album Mixing Up the Medicine, which was released on Sept. 10. The video is available below.

“I found this obscure poet called Thomas Beddoes,” Chris said in a statement. “I was reading this book by Ezra Pound, and he mentioned Beddoes. I found this book of his called Death’s Jest Book, in which he wrote these kinds of weird plays. He was a poet from Bristol, and his father knew Shelley, so he was coming in just after the Romantic poets. He was an alcoholic and he committed suicide by poisoning himself in Basel in 1849. He was only 45. I read some of his verse and took them and put them to music.”

Three of the tracks on the upcoming album, including “Anyone Seen My Heart,” feature words inspired by Beddoes. “Then I realized ‘mixing up the medicine’ is also a line in ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’,” Chris added. “I’d forgotten that. But I’m a big Bob Dylan fan, so that can’t be a bad thing, right?”

He also launched a memoir, Talking To Myself, on Sept. 10. Publishers BMG Books reported: “It’s Chris Jagger’s turn to lift the lid on one of the most colorful and exotic periods in British cultural history. He unrolls an insider’s tale of growing up among the bombsites and ration books of post-war Dartford, weaving through the glittery underground of late 1960s countercultural London, and spending months in India before most trod that path. He covers the highs and lows of acting and film work, and the pursuit of his own unique musical adventures that have resulted in a number of albums and gigs across the world. Ultimately though it’s the beguiling story of a close-knit family and deep brotherly ties.”

Watch Chris Jagger Featuring Mick Jagger - ‘Anyone Seen My Heart’

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