I tried to keep an open mind since the initial announcement that Lou Reed and Metallica were going to collaborate on a new album. I really did. I never 'got' Lou Reed and the whole poetry thing but he was going to be working with one of the greatest metal bands of all time, so I figured I'd give it a shot. Even when someone coined the collaboration as 'Loutallica,' I cringed, took a deep breath and kept positive. How bad could it be? The answer: VERY bad. Lulu's 1st week sales set a record low for Metallica. To make matters worse, former Metallica member, Dave Mustaine's band Megadeth, their new album, Th1rt3en, is outselling Lulu almost 3-to-1!

You can't totally kill Metallica for this effort though, as  Lou Reed wrote the majority of the vocals and even drummer Lars Ulrich himself, said that Metallica was happy to be a 'backing band' in this project. So why do a collaboration like this if Metallica wasn't going to be the lead? Because they can! The band has had such a storied career, a 'different' project such as Lulu , isn't going to destroy them by any means.

Only Metallica though, could put out a project such as Lulu and STILL have everyone talking about it. Which is exactly what they want, for better or worse.

Don't fret Metallica worshipers, the band has already said they are writing music for a forthcoming album. So hopefully we can chalk this up to a hiccup in the long storied career of the metal masters and they can get back to their roots...quickly.

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