Men might not think like women, but they sure eat like ‘em. That’s why Wendy Meyers founded the Men Only Weight Loss program to help wean men off what she dubs “feminizing foods.”

Such foods are high in estrogen, which lowers testosterone and ultimately result in weight gain.

Processed foods full of preservatives, dyes and soy, along with carb-loaded breads and beer are, according to Meyers, “the equivalent of several female birth control pills on a weekly or monthly basis.” The foods mimic estrogen and judging from the description of the effects, they emasculate, too.

Adding insult to injury, the foods cause sex drive to decrease (gasp!) and even worse, bigger breasts to form on men (gulp!).

Men Only boasts that is the “ONLY weight-loss program that understands weight-loss from a man’s perspective. Let the girls eat their salads with ‘dressing on the side’ and do group hugs when they’re five pounds down

The Men Only diet teaches men to replace these foods with proteins and produce, minus tedious calorie counting or portion controlling.

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