Halloween is here. Yeah, it's for dressing up in costume, but let's be honest. Halloween would be NOTHING without the CANDY! Here's the Halloween treat New Jersey reaches for most.

Trick-or-Treating this year is predicted to be pretty big, according to candystore.com, given Halloween was more than slightly interrupted last year due to the pandemic. In fact, spending for the holiday is reportedly up 26 percent from 2020.

If you live in the Garden State and plan on handing out candy, you may want to stock up on ONE in particular.

Candystore.com recently released its study of America's Favorite Halloween, with a state-by-state map.

Taking a look at New Jersey and a few neighboring states, we spotted a mix of chocolatey and sugary snacks. Keep scrolling to find out what candy is tops in NJ!

# 1 in Pennsylvania


#1 in Delaware


#1 in New York

Sour Patch Kids/Amazon.com

#1 in New Jersey

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So, did candystore.com get it right? Are M&M's YOUR favorite Halloween candy?

It's no surprise that Pennsylvania went the HERSHEY'S route, right? But we would've thought maybe Reese's Peanut Butter Cups would come out on top here in Jersey. PB Cups did have a good showing in several other U.S. states, including California, Kansas, and North Carolina.

Check out candystore.com's complete candy map here.

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