A 12-foot, 926-pound mako shark was caught by a group of fishermen over the weekend. Despite being 70 pounds bigger than the previous largest mako caught in NJ, the fish won't be considered a record because it was caught by a group of fisherman, rather than a single person.

Captain Dave Bender, owner of the Jenny Lee, was on an overnight trip with his mate, Captain Kevin Gerrity, along with Matt, Mike, Steve and William Miccio, Matt Lockett and Nick Rondenella. The men headed to Hudson Canyon, caught one yellowfin tuna during the day, then switched to fishing for sharks and swordfish after dark.

It took the men about 90 minutes to get the shark close enough to the boat to land it, and another hour to get it on the boat. They had to use a combination of tail ropes and multiple gaffings to work the shark into the back of the boat.

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