It's a decision that a lot of local businesses are facing: staying open through tough times, or closing. For seasonal businesses it will be even harder, because no one really knows what this summer will look like at the Jersey Shore. While some businesses will be happy to take any customers they can get, in other situations the money that comes in might not outweigh the cost to pay employees or just keep the lights on; finally, some places just might feel like it's not worth the health risk, as we all know there's a chance for a second spike to hit once people start to gather again.

The Osprey Nightclub in Manasquan is an iconic Shore hotspot, but they made the tough decision to skip summer 2020.

My coworker Matt Ryan shared some of the history of the Osprey. Jack Nicholson worked there before he hit it big in Hollywood, and legend has it that Bruce Springsteen had his first legal drink there.

With the Osprey pointing to "the expected reduction in capacity" along with "social distancing", I get why they would just pack it in for the year. When you have a club like that, people are shoulder-to-shoulder, so if the state forces them to keep six feet apart and run at half-capacity, it just might not be worth it for them to open. It's a shame, but it's something that may be seen across the Shore this summer.

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