Calls that have been flooding into the Mullica Township Police Department and elsewhere about loud booming sounds.

One man says he's responsible.

Well, he and his big freakin' cannon!

The New York Post is reporting that a Hammonton man says his "hail cannon" is responsible for what everyone has been hearing.

Rob Butkowski owns a vineyard and says he uses the homemade cannon to send "shock waves up to the sky — to break up cloud formations and scare away birds that nibble his grapes."


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The New York Post quotes the Butkowski, 34, as saying, “It’s like the loudest thing you’ve ever heard just blew through your chest — it’s amazing.”

Butkowski, who works in construction, said he made the 16-foot-long machine “from scratch” using scrap metal from street signs and other objects because he was “bored from all this COVID s–t.”

Using directions he found online, he rigged a mixture of acetylene and oxygen in a propane tank to create an explosion that blasts from the barrel to keep icy weather at bay.

For weeks, he’s been firing off the thunderous shock-waves — which travel 30,000 feet in a 1.5 mile radius — above his five-acre plot, he said.


He says the cannon does what he wants it to do.

Meanwhile, according to the New York Post, Hammonton Chief of Police Kevin Friel says the cannon is what people have been feeling, and it's perfectly legal.

A little more skeptical, according to the article is Mullica Township Police Chief Brian Zeck. He's still looking into other possibilities.

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