Let's talk about pie.

Pie is probably one of the best desserts around, it's tastier than cake in my opinion, and doesn't have to be saved for a special occasion like a cake usually is.

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Apple pie is arguably the most popular pie flavor in America.

And if you add a little scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of some fresh apple pie, forget about it, I'm chowing down.

Believe it or not, New Jersey is home to one of the best pie stands in the country and it's being recognized by a national food publisher.

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What NJ Pie Stand Is Being Called One Of The Best In The Country?

Every state has its favorite place for pie.

For example, in my former home of Pennsylvania Shoofly Pie was one of the most popular flavors in the state.

It's a sweet molasses type of pie that's typically found in little Amish markets in places like Lancaster and Mifflin County.

So who has the best pies in New Jersey?

Odds are you already have your own place in mind, or perhaps the cherry pie that's a secret family recipe but according to 24/7 Tempo, the best pies in Jersey are found in Hammonton.

Specifically at a little store called the Red Barn Farm and Penza's Pies.

It's a family-owned and operated cafe and bakery that makes everything from scratch.

Blueberry pie, ricotta pie, peach pie, apple pie, apple crumb pie, the list goes on and on.

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Located at 391 US-206 in Hammonton, NJ you'll definitely want to check them out next time you sign up to bring dessert to a party.

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