One of the only "great" holiday movies of the past decade was the Billy Bob Thornton classic "Bad Santa." It, along with "Elf", are the only Christmas movies released in a LONG time that belong in the Pantheon of Holiday Greatness. It did, however, alter my (and probably many others') view of that time honored tradition, the Mall Santa. Until I found this fantastic little corner of the internet.

Check it out. I don't know if every Mall Santa out there is as particularly jolly as this one, but my goodness did some of his stories warm even my Grinch-like heart (The one about Maria Gonzalez? Glorious.) Plus it seems like this man takes real pride in his work, something I respect the hell out of. I'm sure the truth about Mall Santas lies somewhere between Billy Bob Thornton's Willie Stokes and Reddit's "FormerKKringle", but from now on, I'll try to think of the latter the next time I see a line of screaming children and overbearing parents waiting for their moment with The Big Guy.

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