Some are more serious than others.

Reddit's a fun place to hang out on the internet.  If you've never visited the website, it's like a giant message board filled with different forums about different topics.

There are pop culture forums for things like TV shows and movies, hobby forums for things like cooking and sewing, and more; if you name a topic, a Reddit forum probably exists for it.

Knowing the above, it makes sense that there is an entire Reddit forum dedicated to New Jersey.  And in true Jersey fashion, there are some pretty interesting gems on there.

People share good restaurants they found, some look for advice about making friends after just having moved here, and there are even silly memes and pictures about our state floating around.

Users also try to have some serious discussions about our state.

The other day I noticed a thread about what New Jersey's biggest problems are, and it did not disappoint.  Of course, there were some serious issues listed.  But, this is the internet after all, and people brought their a-game humor.

Serious or not, I do agree with a lot of these issues facing New Jersey.  As much as we overuse the phrase, these are "unprecedented times," and there are improvements that can be made to accommodate that.

Take a look at 10 of the issues Redditors named as the biggest problems New Jersey is facing.  Do you agree with them?  What do you think can be done to fix these issues?

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