HAHA! Great way to start this gloomy October Day…lets blog about love….

So, for those of you who are half paying attention, you already know I went through a break up back in April and have been dealing with some guy issues ever since. So here is my question to you…. What do you do when the person who you want in your life is resisting? They tell you they aren’t ready for a relationship…That they aren’t financially secure enough to be in something serious….that they aren’t right with themselves…… How do you respond?

I started off thinking it was me….then I got sad…then I got angry…..then I was just confused….because I’m independent…I don’t need a mans money….all I need is that persons love and devotion. Does he not believe me? Or is he just not into me? Am I crazy?? (excuse me while I got throw up).

Do you play the “cat string” game?? Do you really want to be with a person that makes you play a game to get them?? Let’s follow these questions up with the oh so awesome question….WHY ME??!! Lol

GUYS – What’s the deal….educate me?? If a guy claims he’s into you…but is distant….swears it’s not about another girl but about himself and where he is at right now in life….do you believe him? Do you stick around and hope he comes around? Or do you just let it go and try to bury the feelings you have for that person. How do I as a female deal with a dude like this? Any advice for The Lovely Christina???


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