If you haven't heard it yet, Love em' or List em' is something we do to help relationships all over Jersey!  It's like the HGTV show Love It or List It where they decide to fix up and love a house or list it and get a whole new one. We do that, but with relationships!  This was a LEOLE that struck a pretty big cord with all of you...she went ahead and friended his mom on Facebook before he ever introduced them.

Is that a red flag?!?!  Here are the details:

He likes this girl a lot...they've dated for about 6 months but she may of crossed a line.  She took it upon herself to look his mom up on Facebook, and start chatting with her.  What the what?!?!

Aren't we skipping a step here?  Shouldn't HE introduce her to HIS mom if and only if he is ready?  I thought that was pretty bold. Apparently, mom and the girlfriend have gotten pretty chatty...so much so, that they even met for lunch!  To be fair, she did not try to hide the lunch date from him, she actually seemed very proud of herself.

Do you think that was her trying to impress her man and get closer him by reaching out to his mom or was it a controlling move that showed a lack of boundaries?  I want to know what you think and we'll pass along the advice to him!  Just email me Shannon@943thepoint.com.

Here is what some of you were saying:

Mark from Asbury Park said that she was "Psycho"

Janelle from Brick said,  "watch her and watch her close"

Lana from Atlantic City said it was a "bold move" and "she must really be into you"

Jennifer from Somers Point asked:  "Has anyone considered the fact that she was doing her homework to see if she liked his family? When you marry someone you marry them too so she could just be deciding some things for herself."

Who really knows unless you are in the relationship for yourself but in my opinion,  if she is not patient enough to be invited to meet someone's mom I think you are encountering a red flag here. He said that mom is doing her bidding now and pushing for him to "put a ring on it" which makes me feel even more that a manipulation is taking place. What do you guys think?

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