Long Beach Island is famous (infamous?) for strict speed limits. It's understandable, since Long Beach Boulevard is basically one big drag strip, a straight line running down the whole island. It's begging for people to fly, so the police are going to be extra focused on enforcing the limit. It's pretty much the same as the stretch of Route 35 from Mantoloking to Seaside. It's easy to find yourself going faster and faster when it's just a straight shot, so the cops are always keeping an eye out.

Earlier this week, Long Beach Township changed their local speed limit from 25 to 15 miles per hour along Ocean Boulevard, Beach Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. Those roads are often used as alternate routes when the traffic gets too heavy on Long Beach Boulevard, so the township wants to keep those smaller roads even safer.

Mayor Joseph Mancini said

That’s where everyone is exercising: walking, running, biking. It’s a local street, for local traffic, so you shouldn’t travel on it for more than three blocks. And we don’t want people to use that road to try to beat the traffic lights.

According to The SandPaper, Long Beach Township is also wants to ban commercial vehicles from the ocean roads.

Ever since I moved to Barnegat, I've spent a lot more time on Long Beach Island. The Hawk has done some events at different bars, we have family that has a place down in Holgate, and it can admittedly be frustrating to be stuck going so slow. Still, I understand the reasoning, especially during the summer. Too many people, too many kids, too many other cars, it's just not worth the risk of speeding. Drive safe!

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