In case you're living under a rock (or blissfully unaware of the world around you), there was a big controversy when VP-Elect Mike Pence attended a performance of the smash Broadway show "Hamilton" on Friday night. Pence was loudly booed, and after the show the cast actually took to the stage to address Pence directly.

People obviously went nuts on both sides of the political spectrum, and over the weekend The E Street Band's Little Steven Van Zandt took to Twitter to share his opinion.  

Little Steven's Twitter blew up to the point where I can't even highlight all the madness. He stressed that he disagrees with Pence, that he stands up for LGBQT rights, but he still believes the cast owes Pence an apology.

Little Steven Van Zandt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mike Pence
Little Steven Van Zandt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mike Pence (Mike Coppola/Cindy Ord/Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

I know I just complained about everyone putting in their two cents on everything, so I feel like a big ol' hypocrite right now, but here's the quickest summation I can give: Stop telling other people what to do (which yes, I understand I'm doing right now). Do what you want! If you want to boo someone, boo them!  If you wrote a Broadway show that is sold out from now til the end of time, feel free to talk to the audience after a performance. If you want to bash that playwright for what he did, go for it, but don't get huffy and fight on Twitter like a 13-year-old when people disagree with you.

The thing I love most about this country is Freedom of Speech. To try and keep people from voicing their opinion goes against everything we stand for. So, Mike Pence, if you happen to read this: you're a horrible piece of trash. Lin-Manuel Miranda, if you happen to read this, I don't really know anything about you. Little Steven, if you happen to read this, just focus on Little Steven's Underground Garage, Sunday nights on 105.7 the Hawk.

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