First things first - eff the Dallas Cowboys, eff Jerry Jones, eff Aikman and Moose and Irvin and Emmitt, eff Romo and Witten, super-eff Greg Hardy, eff Dak and Zeke...just eff this entire franchise.


I'm an angry Giants fan, but even with all my loathing of the Cowboys, my reaction to the following video may surprise you.

That was great! Sorry kid, life isn't fair, you can't always get what you want, and if this is the biggest disappointment you face in life, you're lucky. I mean, you're doomed to be a Giants fan, so things aren't looking great in the near future anyway.

DeMarcus took to Twitter to double-down and reiterate his non-apology.

If I was a kid, there's no way I would even want an autograph from a rival team. The whole thing was made even worse by the kid's mom pushing him closer to Lawrence, while the rest of the fans stayed a respectable distance away. I also can't be sure, but it sounds like the same kid yells "DeMarcus" one more time around :14, as the player is already in his vehicle, as though he would turn around and say "jk, here's your autograph" - move on little man, wait for the Giants to leave the locker room and ask them.

As much as I'm loathe to side with a Cowboy, I'm with Lawrence on this one.

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