It's one thing to be a firefighter where you are putting your life in danger to help others, but it's another thing when you are a Volunteer firefighter and you do it for FREE

Of course, if you are a volunteer firefighter, you have to work another job to make some money, and that's the case for Toms River resident Todd Boden who also works for Priced Rite Towing.

Todd was at the scene of an accident on Monday night working for the tow truck company when he got hit by a car and was thrown twenty feet in the air and suffered a shattered knee and a Tibial Plateau Fracture to his left leg.

Todd has a wife and children that depend on him and unfortunately, he is going to be out of work for quite some time recovering.

The firefighters in our community do so much for us, so let's try to help him out in return.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help him and his family with bills and whatever else they need while he is not working.

Wishing you a speedy recovery Todd, and thank you for all you do


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