Have you ever experienced the Rocky Horror Picture Show in theatres? In college, I hit up the Friday Nite Specials a few times, and I even got to see an adaptation of the stage play. There may or may not be pictures of me in various ridiculous/embarrassing outfits. Listen, this isn't about me.

For the uninitiated, a live RHPS show is not just watching the movie, but becoming fully immersed in the world. The casts recreate the movie beneath the screen, the audience either calls out lines in the movie or responds to the characters, props get involved, and it's just a big fun crazy party.

The Toms River Elks are bringing that atmosphere to their lodge on October 27th. They'll actually be showing the movie on multiple screens, complete with actors in full costume. There will be a costume contest for audience members with prizes, too!

If you're still a Rocky Horror "virgin", don't worry, everyone will be there to walk you through things and make it a night you won't forget. Get all the info for the event here.

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