Like so many comedy shows, 'SNL' has occasionally felt like a boy's club, with the guys getting much of the best material, crazier characters and more memorable sketches. This has shifted in recent years and now the women of the show are allowed to get just as weird and nasty as their male counterparts. In a way, it all feels like it's been building up to this. Are you ready for "Dongs All Over the World"?

This music video is exactly what it sounds like it is. A group of women (led by guest host Anna Kendrick) decide that they want to be just as adventurous as men and embark on a worldwide sex tour, sampling and enjoying men from all over the world. There's barely a set-up and no story, just a hilarious female ensemble singing about the smorgasbord of dongs available to them across planet earth.

It's a one-note joke (but so was "Dick in a Box") and there's bound to be someone who finds it irritating for every person who finds it funny. Put us in the latter camp. We hope images of scantily clad men made certain 'SNL' viewers uncomfortable in a special way, and the song itself, assisted by Icona Pop, is a true ear worm. We won't be able to get it out of our head for awhile.

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