Kyle Walters, the intrepid Giants fan from Point Pleasant, is on his way to Indianapolis.

We recently shared Kyle's story. A diehard supporter of Big Blue since birth, the 27-year-old man decided to try his luck and drive more than 700 miles to Indianapolis without a ticket to the game, hoping somehow to find his way inside Lucas Oil Stadium.

Andy Chase from 105.7 The Hawk spoke to Kyle while he prepared for the trip and he was sent off on his journey by Lou and Liz of 94.3 The Point.

Kyle is chronicling his journey on a Facebook page he created.

He called in Friday afternoon to give Andy an update, which can be heard below:

A video update from Kyle on the road:

Kyle's only companion on the trip is a nameless garden gnome decked out in Giants gear. Help Kyle name him by leaving your suggestions in the comment section below!

The Nameless Gnome

Kyle arrived safely in Indianapolis on Saturday afternoon and was enjoying the NFL Experience. You can listen to the full interview Double Down conducted with him below:


On Super Bowl Sunday, Kyle's 'Giant' dream becomes a reality! You can listen to his interview with Silent Jay here:



Andy Chase talks to Kyle the day AFTER the Superbowl:


Kyle Walters Super Bowl Ticket

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