Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps


According to 6abc, Kohls announced last week that along with the support of the Kohl's Veterans Business Resource Group, they will be offering military members 15% off their purchases when they present a valid military i.d. every Monday. This applies to active duty members, veterans and former military personnel as well.

If you didn't know, Kohls employees volunteer at many different events, including ones that support our military and their families. According to, back in 2018, they volunteered at over 250 events that benefited 230 military causes. Kohls feels the discounts are a way to give back to military members who have sacrificed so much for our country.

If you're a member of any military branch, I'd head over to Kohls and take advantage of that 15% off! If you can't make it when you get out of work, no worries! Like I said earlier, the deal happens every Monday!

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