Keith Richards turns 68 this Sunday and he never realized his true dream.  But we'll get to those details in a minute.

First, we mark the date of December 18, 1943 in Kent, England, when one future bad-ass rock star was born to come up with guitar riffs, ingest illegal drugs and read books.  Yes, I know it's hard to tell, but Keith did a LOT of drugs back in the day.

And apparently his secret dream was to be a librarian.   Really.  Usually you think of librarians as yearning to break free of all that stuffy silence and become all out crazed rock freaks, but clearly all that drug use has made Keith feel that he missed out on a more exciting career.

Liz Braun writes in a 2009 article that "Keith is an avid reader".  And he owns an extensive collection of books, according to John Harlow, in a piece in The Times (London) in 2010.

So the man who lives one of the most exciting lives on the planet, has tons of money, and, most importantly, does what he loves to do--creating rock riffs and playing them for millions of adoring fans, wishes he had a different career.

Think about that the next time you wish you became a lion tamer instead of a chartered accountant.