Have you ever been scammed before?

It's not something you usually want to admit, but it does happen.

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My wife and I were scammed when we lived back in Central PA, our electric company somehow got us on some "green initiative" and sold our info to a third-party company which then jacked up the price of our electric prices by about $300 a month.

It was a nightmare to get out of, and sadly stuff like that isn't too uncommon.

Another Scam Is Taking New Jersey By Storm

This time, it's a phone scam where scammers will call and threaten the people they're calling that they've missed jury duty and owe huge fines in order to avoid any trouble.

According to APP, scammers are able to change the caller ID to make it look like the county police or a local authority is calling your phone.

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The scammers would be extremely aggressive in getting people to give over their credit card information or get them to wire money.

Prosecutors Offices And Law Enforcement Officers Will Never Ask For Money

Let's say you did miss jury duty, if that's the case you would owe a fine or face possible jail time, however, the prosecutors or officers will never call you asking for money.

Most courts operate by mail and will send you a summons to your mailbox explaining the situation and advising you of the next steps.

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A good rule of thumb is that if someone calls you and starts demanding money, Just hang up the phone, and if you do receive some suspicious calls you should contact local authorities and advise them of it.

It's not all bad in Jersey though, it really is a great place to settle down and call home.

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