Two former Yankees failed to reach the required 75% to reach the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Mike Mussina received 229 votes, getting 51.8%, while Jorge Posada fell shockingly low, getting only 17 votes for a 3.8% total. Any player who gets less than 5% is removed from subsequent ballots, so Posada will go down as a one-and-done.

Both players had interesting cases. Mussina's cause has been embraced in the past few years and it seems poised to grow. During his time with the Yankees, Mussina was one of my favorite pitchers. He has pretty solid numbers as far as Baseball Reference goes, but suffered from being a rather quiet persona in the biggest market in the world. He also suffered from the painfully unfortunate timing of pitching for the Yanks from 2001-2008, while the Yanks won the World Series in 2000 and 2009.

Posada is sort of the anti-Mussina, winning four World Series titles in his time while being known as a fiery vocal member of the clubhouse. He wasn't a name you might immediate associate with the Hall of fame, but when you take into account that he was a solid, good-to-very-good, consistent player at a tough position on a team that won a lot, it's surprising that he had such little support that he'll be off the ballot next year.

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