Paramount Pictures has announced a production start for Action Park, the working title of a comedy starring Johnny Knoxville.

Knoxville says

The goal is a big, fun '80s-type comedy. It's about this park in New Jersey. It actually existed. I don't know if we'll call it this, but there was this park called Action Park and it was like as if us, instead of doing 'Jackass,' decided to open a theme park. It has that same spirit, like all the safety was left up to the people who walked in. The design of the rides was built about as cleverly as we build things. I mean most of the kids were like early 20s or teens, and I suspect they were not sober a lot. The stories about Action Park are well documented. In our movie, we have this theme park where I'm the designer of the rides."

The original Action Park was open from 1978 til 1996. The park was notorious for poorly-designed rides, young staff, alcohol sold at the park, and more than one fatality.The park got attention in 2015 when it opened the World's Longest Water Slide.

It really did sound like a theme park that the guys from Jackass would have run, and it's actually surprising it took someone this long to put the two together to make a movie. Right now, filming is set in South Africa and no word has been mentioned about Jersey locations.

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