The rock supergroup, TVC, might well take flight again.

First, let's wish the legendary Zeppelin bassist, keyboardist, and co-songwriter a happy birthday.

He was born on January 3, 1946, in Kent, England.

Rarely does Jones get the attention that the other members of Zeppelin have always received, but just imagine Led Zeppelin without that stunning, emotive, melodic bassline in "Ramble On", to name just one song, not to mention his keyboard magic on "All My Love" (which he co-wrote with Robert Plant) and songwriting credits on so many Zeppelin masterpieces, including "Fool in the Rain", "In the Evening", "Black Dog", and "Communication Breakdown."

I'm a lead-guitar lover, but John Paul Jones has always reached out and spoken to those of us who don't really focus on the bass. You simply can't ignore such deftly and expressively delivered basslines.

Jones has been busy with a number of projects, including work with bluegrass singer/fiddler Sara Watkins, blues legend Seasick Steve, and Sonic Youth in recent years, and he was acknowledged last month with his Led Zeppelin bandmates at the Kennedy Center Honors ceremony.

Dave Grohl said recently that Them Crooked Vultures will fly again. “We’ve talked about it, I know that someday we’ll get back together and do stuff, because we love playing with each other.”