Today marks 32 years since Led Zeppelin's drummer died.

And to many, there has never been anyone who could take his place.

Bonham passed away on September 25, 1980 at age 32 after drinking heavily and subsequently choking on his own vomit.

Bonham, of course, to many, reigns supreme as the greatest rock drummer of all time.

Fans and critics alike repeatedly vote him as the best, incuding a Rolling Stone magazine reader's poll, which he topped by a wide margin in 2011.

Modern Drummer magazine  calls Bonzo,"the greatest rock 'n' roll drummer in history."

The Foo Fighters Dave Grohl said:

"John Bonham played the drums like someone who didn't know what was going to happen next—like he was teetering on the edge of a cliff. No one has come close to that since, and I don't think anybody ever will. I think he will forever be the greatest drummer of all time."

Where do you rank him?

Is he your favorite rock drummer, and if not, who is?