In his heart, yes. But we'll get to that in a minute.

First, a very happy birthday to the clown prince of rock, who turns 65 today, born November 20, 1947 in Wichita, Kansas.

He grew up in Ohio, New York City and Montclair, New Jersey, where he went to high school.

Joe's a great singer, guitarist and songwriter, that we all know, but he's also a multi-instrumentalist (he plays clarinet, drums, bass and more).

Must have gotten that musical talent from his mom, a classically trained pianist.

His latest album, "Analog Man", was released last June. It's his first since 1992's "Songs for a Dying Planet", and according to an article in Consequence of Sound, Joe's heart may be in the analog world, but he's smart enough to know he still has to (reluctantly) embrace the digital one:

"Analog Man kicks off with proclamations about how the new-fangled digital world vexes the aging rocker.

The irony is that, as Walsh is singing about how he’s “still analog” and lamenting the fact that “some ten-year-old smart ass” has to guide him through trouble-shooting his computer issues, the album was recorded in the digital medium.

Luckily, the sound doesn’t suffer for the irony, and the record shows off a much more polished effort than we’ve ever seen from Walsh, Eagles work aside."

The album's really a statement about something deeper, the troubling state of our digital world.

From another review:

‘Analog Man’ is social commentary that finds him lamenting the “always-on” state of our society.

It's also an album that reveals a clean and sober Joe, after so many years steeped in drugs and alcohol.

From an editorial review on

"I just really feel like it's all come together and finally I feel like a complete person and a complete musician," said Walsh. "I think there is some confidence in there that I never had. That's what I was hiding."

Walsh credits his wife of four years, Marjorie, for encouraging him to be the man and artist he is today and fondly dedicates this album to her.

Behind every great analog (and digital) man....