Today is "Bring your child to work" day. That's probably why there are little snot nosed "rugrats" running around your job site or office today. I started thinking. What are jobs you DO NOT want to bring your child to. Here is the list I came up with

  • Getty Images. Keystone
    Getty Images. Keystone

    Bomb Factory

    You definitely don't want your child running around this type of place! Imagine he/she drops one of those metal bombs on their little toes. The chaos they would cause. Also you don't wanna hear "Daddy, what does this button do"?

  • Getty Images. Sean Gallup
    Getty Images. Sean Gallup


    Do I really need to explain why? It's just not a good place to take your kids to.

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    Bank Robber

    Your child would be of no use to you with this. He/shecould not possibly be able to reach the gas pedal for the getaway. Sure he/she would be a good distraction in front of the teller, but I suggest leave him/her home

  • Getty Images. Mario Tama
    Getty Images. Mario Tama

    Stripper/Exotic Dancer

    Actually. Use your own discretion. lol

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    Radio Station

    Can't bring the kids here. They will think it's ok to just sit on their asses for 5 hours while watching TV, listening to music, and on Facebook.

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