I know that most of us are tired of the constant rebooting when it comes to movies, specifically superhero movies. Three different actors have played Spider-Man, three have played The Incredible Hulk, we've seen the X-Men sort of start over; we've seen a new Batman and a new Superman too, and of course, we've had a couple Jokers.

While Heath Ledger took the villain to new heights, his untimely death left a void in the DC world. With the abysmal "Suicide Squad", DC tried to inject new life and a different vibe to the Joker by casting Jared Leto. I usually like Leto (American Psycho, Fight Club, Requiem For A Dream, all awesome movies) but his Joker was just awful.

Now DC is trying to cleanse our palette with yet another Joker...and I'm cautiously optimistic about this one.


Joaquin Phoenix
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Joaquin Phoenix has already been filming parts of a new origin story, simply titled "Joker", directed by Todd Phillips. Phillips is known for comedies like Old School and The Hangover, and is taking The Joker in a dark comedic route.

From what I've read, the new movie is inspired by a comic that I like, and focuses on what causes a normal guy to finally break and become a murderous lunatic.

I like Phoenix (although like I said, I like Leto), and I think he can pull off the slow burn of a guy struggling to make a life for himself, and finally succumbs to the pressure and explodes.

Next month, filming will take place in Jersey City. The film company is looking for extras to work between October 13th and 16th, so head north and you might be in the movie!

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