Batman was a favorite of mine growing up. I always thought he was just a bad-ass character, a brilliant mind with a ton of awesome gadgets. As I got older and there were more and more interpretations of the character, it really became something of a personality test if you asked someone who their fave Batman was.

Did you prefer the campy Adam West, or the gothic Tim Burton, or the neon Joel Schumacher? Was Michael Keaton the better Batman, while Val Kilmer was a solid Bruce Wayne? Or was Michael Keaton better in a tuxedo, while Kilmer had the perfect jaw to jut out of the mask? Did anyone like George Clooney at all?

The debates continue even now, with Christopher Nolan's epic Dark Knight trilogy starring Christian Bale being followed up by Ben Affleck's older, more grizzled Batman in the DC Universe.

Regardless of who you think was best, you'll be able to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton's 1989 "Batman" in theaters!

17. 'Batman' Soundtrack (1989)

Fathom Events has brought plenty of classics back to the big screen, and on May 4th, select theaters will be showing Batman. Unfortunately, the closest participating theatre is in Hazlet, but if you're a super Bat-fan, it'll be worth the trip.

The screenings continue all week, with Batman Returns on May 6th, Batman Forever on May 12th, and Batman & Robin on May 14th.

For what it's worth, here's my ranking of the Batmen (live-action only):

  • 6 - Clooney
  • 5 - Kilmer
  • 4 - Affleck
  • 3 - West
  • 2 - Keaton
  • 1 - Bale

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