Cannabis enthusiasts who also happen to be Jimi Hendrix fans will soon be able to enjoy a whole new experience. According to a newswire report posted by CNN Money, a Toronto-based company called Nutritional High has secured the licensing rights to "manufacture and distribute various marijuana and hemp-based edible products using the song titles and bearing the likeness of iconic guitarist Jimi Hendrix" — and they're ready to roll out a list of items that includes "gummy bears, hard candies and health and energy drinkable products."

Like many of the Hendrix-affiliated products that have made their way to market since the legendary guitarist's death, there's something of a tangled legal web behind these munchies-inducing goodies: Nutritional High's deal is not with Experience Hendrix, the company that acts as the official licensor for his estate, but with Purple Haze Properties, a corporation founded by Hendrix's 67-year-old brother Leon. And while a Nutritional High spokesperson insisted the company "had our legal team go through everything," it appears as though a court battle could be brewing.

"This has nothing to do with Experience Hendrix LLC, the legitimate Hendrix Family-owned entity which administrates intellectual property associated with Jimi Hendrix," said Experience Hendrix spokesman Bob Merlis. "I’m going to forward this notice to them, as they are quite vigorous in enforcing their rights."

If Experience Hendrix does decide to go after Purple Haze Properties, they'll have plenty of work ahead of them — the company's Facebook page makes it obvious that they've been very busy on the marijuana product licensing front. Of course, as Hendrix fans are no doubt aware, Leon has tangled with Experience Hendrix in the past, including unsuccessfully contesting the will that left his adopted sister Janie in control of the estate.

In happier Hendrix news, this weekend's Isle of Wight Festival is scheduled to include an unusual tribute that will honor his 1970 appearance at the event by asking attendees to purchase Hendrix masks — with the proceeds going to the WellChild charity — and put them on at a specially appointed time, thus hopefully breaking the record for the most people in the same place wearing masks at the same time.

"Jimi’s impact on the island and to popular music cannot be underestimated. His inspiration lives on today and is present each year," explained organizer John Giddings. "We wanted to celebrate the 45th anniversary by doing something fun with everyone at the festival this year. By buying a Jimi mask, people can not only take part in this special celebration but also help raise money for our partner charity, WellChild."

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