The Surfriders Foundation Jersey Shore Chapter did an amazing job clean up the Asbury Park Beach. As inspiring as their work is, it's also really depressing to see just how much trash people leave behind.

465 cigarette butts? Disgusting. 182 plastic bottles and 831 bottle caps? 527 plastic straws, 219 plastic bags? C'mon people, it's not that hard to throw your stuff out instead of just tossing it into the sand.

According to the Surfriders, over 4,000 objects were plastic, which means 3 out of every 4 items picked up contained plastic. When the group held their beach cleanup in February of 2018, they saw less than half the amount of plastics than this year.

If you'd like to volunteer with the Surfriders, you can sign up here to be part of beach cleanups, dune grass plantings, and more.

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