The Jersey Shore lost a restaurant icon and an AMAZING person this past weekend.

Tracie Orsi Godier, 52, owner of Ragin' Cajun in Belmar lost a battle with Bladder Cancer. She was diagnosed last year.

Ragin' Cajun located in Belmar featured authentic Cajun cuisine.She opened the restaurant in 1992.


I was fortunate to meet Tracie briefly in 2013 when I went to the restaurant for a "Boss of the Sauce" taste-test and she left a lasting impression on me.

It was Ragin' Cajun's first time participating in Boss of the Sauce, and Tracie couldn't be more proud to be in the competition, and she couldn't be more confident that she was going to win it!!

Two things that stood out that day...the amazing food, and Tracie's energy! She treated you like a long standing friend. Like family. She was so proud of her restaurant, her food, and she LOVED life and especially loved her customers!

Being able to eat in her restaurant was definitely an amazing experience for me. She prepared their signature "Swamp Daddy" Pasta dish which featured Alligator Sausage, which was off the charts!! Then she brought out the Jambalaya which was fantastic, and of course the Louisiana Crawfish!!

It was my first time having crawfish, and I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.  Tracie was awesome! She told me the magic words...."Pinch it, & Suck it!!" It was delicious and one of the most memorable things I ever had in my life!

I always said I was going to go back and see Tracie and experience Ragin' Cajun again, but unfortunately, and regretfully, I never had the opportunity.

No word yet on what will happen to the restaurant.

This year's Belmar Restaurant Tour, scheduled for March 8, will be dedicated to Tracie.

R.I.P Tracie!

Check out the video of my taste test with Tracieat Ragin' Cajun

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