We've all heard and seen the warning signs over the last couple years but there is a heightened trend of vehicles being stolen, with unlocked doors and the keys inside.

There's three more examples and three more warnings now coming in from Jackson Police.

From driver tossing loose change at vehicle to DWI's, Jackson Police have stories behind the arrests
(Photo: Jackson Township Police Department)

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Jackson Police are again echoing a request they and other law enforcement agencies have put out before and it's to lock your cars and don't leave your keys inside said vehicle.

A Jackson man has learned that after his 2018 Dodge Durano was stolen around 4:29 am outside his residence on Mill Pond Road Monday, it was involved in a motor vehicle crash in Newark.

He told Jackson Police he received a Ring alert on his phone and then saw two men walked up his driveway, get in his car and then drive away.

The key fob was left inside the vehicle overnight.

Newark Police informed Jackson Police that the car had been impounded following a crash.

About an hour later on Monday, around 5:02 am, Freehold Township Police told Jackson Police that they found a stolen 2013 Maserati, also involved in a motor vehicle crash (then abandoned) which turned out to be stolen from a driveway on Mill Pond Road in Jackson.

The key fob was left inside the vehicle overnight when it was stolen.

The suspects who stole the Maserati also went in two other unlocked vehicles in the driveway and looted $2,000 in cash.

Around 7:25 am on Monday, Jackson Police began investigating a stolen 2018 Audi A5 that had been in a driveway, with the key fob inside, on Plasner Court.

This vehicle has not been reported returned.

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