This is one part of series on former Atlantic City, New Jersey businesses that are now closed.

Back on June 11, 2022, I wrote about an iconic Atlantic City, New Jersey Mexican Restaurant called Los Amigos.

It had operated successfully from 1979 until 2022, when Los Amigos shared the following message:

We are sorry to say Los Amigos will be closing its doors until further notice due to the poor labor market, exorbitant food costs, and fuel and energy costs. We would like to thank all our customers & past employees that have supported us since we opened in 1979. We wish you all the best.

Lije everyone else, I was rooting for and hoping that the closure would be temporary and that Los Amigos would reopen when things improved.

It’s now nearing two years later and it appears that Los Amigos is lost to the ages.

The featured photo above and directly below, was taken by Don Hurley this past weekend.

Don Hurley photo.
Don Hurley photo.

It shows how fast an unused building can deteriorate.

Just look in the second floor window and the once proud neon sign. It should read LOS AMIGOS Amigos. Instead, it now looks like LOS AN POS.

It reminds me when the once loud and proud Trump Plaza Boardwalk neon sign read U LAZA.

Here is a Don Hurley Los Amigos photo from June, 2022.

Don Hurley photo.
Don Hurley photo.

In the above photo, the sign is in good repair and there are no boarded-up windows, etc.

Nature takes back everything that is not properly cared for.

The Atlantic City area has suffered through multiple recessions, a Great Recession; which featured the highest unemployment and home foreclosure rates in America in Atlantic City.

Los Amigos survived the 2012 Super Storm, Hurricane Sandy, as well as the permanent closure of four (4) Atlantic City Casinos.

Los Amigos were able to continue operating through all of the major challenges listed above.

Yet, they weren’t able to survive this era of runaway inflation, staffing challenges and a broken supply chain.

SOURCES: Los Amigos & lifetime of personal observations.

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