Walking around the beaches at the Jersey Shore you can end up seeing a lot of different things.

From interesting shells that have washed up, to bigger mysteries like these poles my wife found washed up on the Seaside Heights beach last year. 

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And then there are the Ghost Tracks that tend to pop up in Cape May.

If you're not familiar, the Ghost Tracks are old railroad tracks from the World War 1 era that are located on Higbee Beach and Sunset Beach.

Depending on the tide, you're able to see the tracks clear as day.

nj.com via youtube
nj.com via youtube

The tracks were initially discovered back in 2014 after a coastal storm made them visible according to NJ.com.

As a train enthusiast, these tracks are fascinating, so when I heard that a portion of them was going to be removed from the beach I was immediately concerned.

However, it doesn't appear as though there's a huge call for alarm.

NJ.com reports that a small portion of these Ghost Tracks will be removed from Higbee Beach, and will be put on display so visitors can learn more about the tracks year-round.

The section of track that will be removed and put on display will be taken from Pond Creek.

The New Jersey Department Of Environmental Protection has yet to disclose the exact location where the tracks will be on display.

It's part of the 37.5 Million dollar Pond Creek restoration project which aims to revitalize parts of Higbee Beach, as well as Pond Creek.

I'm excited about this, it'll make the Ghost Tracks easier to see without having to wait for the tides to be just right.

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