A Mister Softee ice cream truck got kicked out of one South Jersey neighborhood.

Why? Did something truly awful happen to cause a beloved regional icon to be banished from visiting children on a hot, summer day?

Did dozens of people in this neighborhood suddenly rise-up to defeat a decades-old business?


One person complained about the music that Mister Softee plays from its trucks.


You know the song. Everyone knows the song. It's a part of living in many parts of this region. It's been playing for decades and decades.

But one person complained and ruined it for everyone in one neighborhood in Blackwood, Camden County.


WTXF-TV, citing a post on a local Facebook page, shared the news:

Now our Mr. Softee has disappeared and has been told not to come back around to our area because of one neighbor calling to complain about the music.

Mr. Softee is based in Runnemede, not too far from Blackwood. The company has over 600 trucks in 20 states, according to FOX 29.

Company officials say they try hard to not blast their music late at night and they also get complains from people about the music waking up sleeping infants in the middle of the afternoon, but they can't please everyone and "we need to play music to get the people out."

Mister Softee headquarters in Runnemede NJ - Photo: Google Maps
Mister Softee headquarters in Runnemede NJ - Photo: Google Maps


Sadly, we now live in a time where all it takes is for one person to complain about something and it gets ruined for everyone.

Let's be honest here. It's a freakin' ice cream truck. Deal with it.

In the grand scheme of things, is this the biggest issue in your life that you had to formally complain about it?

Confused angry man frustrated by online problem, hate stuck laptop

I live in a neighborhood where an ice cream truck comes around every night. It's not a Mister Softee truck, it's some other company, but they still play music. And it's loud. And it's the same 20-second clip over and over. And the truck sometimes comes around late at night. And sometimes it stops right in front of my house for what seems like an eternity.

Have I ever once thought about taking time out of my day to find the person who drives that truck and then complain to them about the music?

Of course not.

It's a freakin' ice cream truck.

Neighbors fight back

But here's some good news: Mister Softee is apparently returning to that neighborhood in Blackwood.

FOX 29 reports,

The Facebook user who posted about the Mr. Softee controversy said he got a hold of the driver and now the ice cream truck is returning to their neighborhood.

Good for them.

And hopefully the next time that person who complained wants some ice cream, the trucks blows right past their house.

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