At some point, everyone needs to get a new vehicle.  Your current automobile is not going to run forever and do you really want to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to keep fixing it?

The problem is, no one enjoys car shopping. Many people have bad experiences at automotive dealerships and some of the smaller used car lots look untrustworthy. You do not want a car salesperson pressuring you into an important decision like investing your money into the next vehicle you will drive.

The website Tinting Chicago reviewed 40,000 Google Reviews for 7,000 automotive dealerships across the United States to find out where the most pushiest dealerships are in America. Their research found the pushiest Dealership Brands in America are Fiat, Kia, Hyundai, and Mazda.

Is New Jersey One of the Best States in America to buy a Car

The good news for New Jersey residents is that of the 100 Pushiest Dealerships in America, only two are in the Northeast and none are in New Jersey. According to Tinting Chicago's research, New Jersey is one of the least pushy Car Dealership States in America.

Five of the top ten states with the Pushiest Dealerships are in the Midwest; Contrast with four of the top ten states with the Least Pushy Dealerships are in the Northeast. The tri-state region of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York are all on the Least Pushy List.

Top Ten States With The Least Pushy Car Dealerships

1. Georgia
2. Massachusetts
3. Pennsylvania
4. Michigan
5. North Carolina
6. New Jersey
7. Louisiana
8. Illinois
9. Missouri
10. New York

So the good news is New Jersey and its neighboring states are going to offer a better automotive shopping experience than most of the United States. The closest of the Most Pushy Dealership states to NJ would be Wisconsin, which is atop the list of Pushiest Dealerships in America.

After buying a car, another major purchase people make is buying a home.  This is a major investment, so here is a list of the least expensive towns to buy a home in New Jersey:

The 10 Cheapest Places To Buy A House In New Jersey

There are still some places in Jersey where buying a home is mildly affordable, according to Home Snacks, these 10 areas are the best on a budget.

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