How do you turn an incident involving a bull running wild on train tracks in New Jersey into a good thing? You turn the bull into a stuffed toy and sell it for a good cause.

In case you missed it, a bull went viral last week after he was spotted running on train tracks at Newark's Penn Station.

Stranded riders whose trains were delayed because of the stray animal filmed video of the animal that quickly circulated around social media.


It took a while, but eventually the beast was wrangled and transported to a sanctuary.

So, when I say the bull, who's been lovingly names Ricardo, has been turned into a stuffed animal, I don't mean LITERALLY, lol. He's alive and well and hopefully living his best life.

Ricardo Plush Toy
courtesy NJ Transit

But the folks at NJ Transit have a good sense of humor regarding Ricardo's interruption of their train service, and are now selling at plush toy version of the bull as a charitable endeavor.

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the small stuffed animal benefit the Skylands Animal Sanctuary ad Rescue in Wantage, NJ where Ricardo now resides.

'Ricardo' costs $20, according to, and will ship on January 4, 2024. But if you want one order soon, there are reportedly only 600 Ricardos to go around.

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Pre-orders are now being accepted on NJ Transit's website, and I think we should just make Ricardo our official state mascot.

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