Stress in the workplace is really getting to New Jersey. The pressure has more than half of all employees in the Garden State desperate to quit their jobs. Here's why.


New Jersey is One of the Most Stressed-Out States at Work

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The way we go about making our money in New Jersey is taking its toll on our mental health, and the burnout's got us ready to take our talents elsewhere.

In fact, NJ ranks 16th most stressed state in the entire country when it comes to our jobs.

What's got 53 percent of people employed in the Garden State contemplating saying, 'Take this job and shove it!'?

NJ Ranks Inside Top 20 U.S. States with Most Stressed-Out Employees


VoiceNation, a leading customer service provider, wanted to get inside the minds of New Jersey employees to find out what's irking us the most about our work environments and what's triggering the stress that's got more than half of the Garden State on the verge of quitting.

Here's what the study found:

Top 5 Reasons New Jersey is So Stressed on the Job

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Man Stressed at Work

Excessive Workload


Work Deadlines

Gossipy Coworkers

Lack of Support from Fellow Work Colleagues


Poor Time Management

Angry Boss with Megaphone

Poor Leadership

What's got you ready to shop around for a new job? Does someone keep taking your stapler?


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