New Jersey, experts want you to stop wearing the socks you wore all day to BED because you could actually be making yourself vulnerable to infection.

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The Danger New Jersey Faces Wearing Unchanged Socks to Bed

I just found out, thanks to MattressNextDay, that the bottom of our feet has more than 250,000 individual sweat glands. So, that's why you should never be surprised that after wearing socks and shoes lead to tacky, smelly soles at the end of the day.

And then, probably without even a second thought, you jump into bed wearing the same socks you had on all day. THAT'S A BIG MISTAKE! One that New Jersey is super guilty of!

*Moms and dads of kids who play sports, you going to want to keep reading because you know they're likely guilty of this bad habit.*

The Bottom Line


The team at MattressNextDay surveyed Americans to find out how many go to bed wearing the same socks they walked around in all day. New Jersey came in THIRD just behind Virginia and Oklahoma. GROSS!


Health experts say going to bed without changing our socks leaves us vulnerable to infection. You don't want Athlete's Foot, do you?

Not to mention, we come home and walk around the kitchen and bathroom floors which probably pick up MORE grime. We're taking bacteria that we pick up from our socks right into the bed with us.

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I am, thankfully (proudly, really) one of the 9 percent of New Jersey residents who change into a fresh pair of socks before I hit the sheets. I HAVE to sleep with socks on, 365 days a year, without fail, even in the summer. I wear those big fluffy, fuzzy socks after I call it a day no matter what.

Happy Feet


Even though most of my friends think I'm crazy for wearing socks to bed, it's actually a good habit, MattressNextDay reports. Putting socks on before bed has been known to reduce snoring, help you sleep better, and even have better sex. AS LONG AS THEY'RE CLEAN!

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So, New Jersey, next time you climb into bed to call it a night, for the love of Napoleon Dynamite, change your socks. GAWSH!


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