There's spooky and then there's downright weird.  Have you ever entered a place, and you immediately get a weird, indescribable feeling?  It almost feels like you're being watched, even when you're the only one in the room.

There's a place like that here in New Jersey.  I used to deliver medicines to them, and that place made Country Living's list of the most haunted places in America.

Before I reveal their choice (and mine) for the most haunted in New Jersey, it's only fair to point out that other states have their fair share of weirdness.

In Pennsylvania, for instance, Eastern State Penitentiary, considered to be the first penitentiary in the country, may also be the most haunted.  There are many stories about the deplorable conditions and even torture.

Eastern State Penitentiary via Facebook
Eastern State Penitentiary via Facebook

Today, the former penitentiary serves as a tourist attraction.  During the Halloween season, thousands of people visit this site to experience paranormal activity firsthand.

Here in New Jersey, we have our own share of paranormal activity and just plain creepiness.  According to Country Living, Trenton Psychiatric Hospital is the most haunted place here in New Jersey.

I used to deliver prescriptions to this hospital, and from the outside, it's truly imposing.  Large fences encircle the facility.  They house many patients who were deemed criminally insane.  This place is spooky inside and out.

Henry Cotton was a psychiatrist and medical director at the facility from 1907-1930.  He and his staff performed all kinds of experimental surgeries in the belief that it led to curing psychiatric issues.  These surgeries were said to be performed without anesthesia.

There are some who claim that you can still hear screams from the patients as you walk the hallways.  I can't verify that, but I can tell you that this place does have a weird vibe.  So much so, that I stopped delivering there.  This facility remains open to this day.

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