Imagine driving on the Turnpike, or Garden State Parkway when all of a sudden a sign starts flashing a warning to get off your phone or buckle your seatbelt.

Perhaps you're exceeding the speed limit and another sign starts flashing, admonishing you to slow down.

This technology is now available and could be coming to a street sign near you.

According to a story on WLTX TV, a county in Washington State, has begun a Pilot Program that uses special smart signs that use infrared heat detection technology that can tell when a driver is using a cell phone or isn't buckled.

These smart signs can also detect when you're speeding and tell you to slow down.

They say the signs don't use cameras, so no photos are taken and no summons are issued.  Instead, a sign will flash a warning to get off the phone or buckle up.

If you aren't breaking any laws the signs will flash a smiley face.


Of course, the reason given for using these signs is safety.

Distracted driving is a concern nationwide.

According to the most recent statistics available from the NHTSAthere were 3,308 highway deaths, nationwide, attributed to distracted driving in 2022.

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No doubt, distracted driving is a problem.  We've all seen it.

Anyone who's driven on the Garden State Parkway has seen that car speeding by at a high rate of speed while drifting over to the shoulder.

At the moment, New Jersey authorities haven't indicated whether they'd consider using this technology.

Some folks would view this as an incursion on their privacy.

Also, if you've ever seen those signs that tell you your speed, doesn't it seem like people intentionally try to see how high they can get their speed?

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