A new movie filming late in late December and early next year in New Jersey and New York is casting three day-player roles with very specific types in mind. Two of the roles require old folks getting (partially) naked.

The movie, called Home will star Pete Davidson, the former Saturday Night Live actor and comic as Max, who realizes that the residents and caretakers in the retirement home where he has started working hide sinister secrets.

The roles being cast are for an elderly man and a woman, who look like they are in their 80s. Partial nudity will be required for both roles.

The third role is for an Asian woman between 40-50 years old.

The movie "home" was written and will be directed by James DeMonico, best known for his series of dystopian action horror films, The Purgeand its sequels.

Here's the production storyline description for Home.

Max is wary about his community service assignment at the Green Meadows Retirement Home but eager to give it his best shot. To his surprise, the residents he meets are full of life and enthusiasm, seniors who've made the choice to not waste a minute of the time they have left. However, as time passes, Max discovers that there is something off about the place - something decidedly evil....

If you are interested in auditioning for one of these roles and you are the correct type, here's what you should be ready to perform.

The role of the elderly masked woman: Female, 80s, any ethnicity, possibly with long white/grey hair. She is a resident at the Green Meadows Retirement Home who has sexual relations with other residents...3 lines, 2 scenes. PARTIAL NUDITY REQUIRED.

The role of the elderly masked man: Male, 80s, any ethnicity. He is a resident at the Green Meadows Retirement Home who has sexual relations with other residents...no scripted dialogue, one scene. PARTIAL NUDITY REQUIRED.

The Asian woman: Female, 40-50. Seen gagged and terrified, this Asian woman is running for her life from someone, or something, unknown but clearly sinister...no scripted dialogue, one scene.

The deadline for responding for an audition is Friday, Dec. 16, 2022. Contact the movie's producers through Backstage for more information and to set up your audition.

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