A recent survey has determined the most popular grocery store in America

Everyone has their favorite store they consider their go-to

Some say you can't consider this place a "grocery store."

Since I do most of the grocery shopping for my household, I feel like I can confidently say that I have my own personal favorite places to shop for certain items. I like Aldi for groceries such as cereal, protein bars, and everything I could want or need for my charcuterie boards. I like ShopRite for meats and Acme for produce. I also shop at Produce Junction when I can make it in there.

The same can be said for everyone, I imagine. We all have our go-tos for certain grocery items.

A recent survey has determined America's most popular grocery store in 2023. I can say with confidence that you'll be surprised at the discovery. For one, I'm not sure you can classify this place as a grocery store.

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Sure, you can purchase certain groceries there like peanut butter, soup, and a loaf of bread. I, for one, would NEVER classify this place on the level of Acme, Aldi, or ShopRite.

A survey from YouGov has determined that 62% of adults in the United States (aka millennials) say that 7-Eleven is their go-to grocery store. Wild, right? Who would've thought?

Photo by Josh Chiodo on Unsplash
Photo by Josh Chiodo on Unsplash

Most would agree that 7-Eleven is a convenience store, but to call it a "grocery store" is a bit of a stretch, wouldn't you say? That's based on one survey, though. It's a pretty solid survey, however. Over 20 million people participated.

Apparently, 7-11 has been focusing on improving the customer experience, so that contributes to the store's growth in popularity over the last year. It's definitely popular in Atlantic City. There are 3 locations in that one Jersey shore town alone!

To check out the complete survey, check it out HERE.

Source: CStoreDive.com

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