It is one of our great New Jersey "things", the classic "Jersey Diner". Even though the first diner in America opened in 1872 and was NOT in Jersey (Rhode Island) it has become a "Jersey Thang". According to Only In Your State, the oldest diner in New Jersey is in Bergen County. The Dumont Crystal Diner reportedly opened in 1925. Next year it will celebrate its 100th anniversary.


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I recently went out to eat for breakfast at a local diner here in New Jersey (Stafford Diner) and of course, it was delicious. Nothing beats a Jersey diner! From the classic design and look to the menu and the coffee, a trip to a Jersey diner is truly a piece of "Americana". As you can see I went with the classic breakfast combo and it was spot on. As we had breakfast I thought "Where would you at home say is the best diner here at the Jersey Shore?" So I took the question to social media and you answered the question.


What Is The Best Diner At The Jersey Shore?

  1. Bandwagon Diner (Toms River)
  2. Sandcastle Diner (Beachwood)
  3. Rainbow Diner (Brick)
  4. Stafford Diner (Manahawkin)
  5. Shut Up and Eat (Toms River)

Other social media comments from YOU:

Christopher: Bandwagon Poppys place and shut up and eat

Carly: Fast break

Aggie: The Stafford Diner Manahawkin!! A REAL diner, like North Jersey!!!

Mindy: The BANDWAGON!!!!

Jimmy: Sandy's Cozy Corner 414 Rt. 70 Lakehurst

Debbie: Sandy’s Cozy Corner on Rt 70 in Lakehurst. Where everyone feels like home. It reminds me of the diners from many years ago. And the best staff!

Linda: Four Seasons in Eatontown

Cynthia: Band Wagon rt.37 Toms River ...the little forked river diner on rt.9...sand castle Beachwood...Town and country rt.37 Toms River...

Shelby: Dynasty Diner in Tuckerton!

Gail: Poppis place

Pat: Toms River Diner, rt37e

Denise: Shore Diner, Tilton road Egg Harbor Twp

Lisa: Mustache Bill’s, Barnegat Light!

Linda: C & G the best pancakes


Jo Anne: Four seasons

Joe: The Dover Diner on old Rte 9 / new 166 near Rte 37 in Toms River. Old style.

Bob: 39 degrees North Manahawkin

Janice: Lacey diner

Arlene: Lucilles Luncheonette - Country Cooking

Mary: Shut Up and Eat!, Toms River

Michelle: Stafford Diner

Maureen: Kristy's Casual Dining & Bar


Jersey Diners


These are just some of the diners YOU selected as the "best diner" at the Jersey Shore. If you have more answers and comments, post your responses below in the comments section and let us know where you love to eat.




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