Do you know about the "chair house"? That's what I call it, it is a house that's located along Route 9 in West Creek, New Jersey. The chair sits atop the home nearly 70 feet in the air and it all began in 1887. According to Weird New Jersey, the home was originally built on Long Beach Island in 1887 before it was moved to the mainland into West Creek in 1936, where it has stood ever since. It was originally a joke, but the chair was set atop the house circa 1940, by then-owner Albert Lindholm. The rest is history. The home has had several owners and several versions of the chair ever since.

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I was recently driving down Route 9 when I looked up and it appeared that the "chair house" had a new chair perched atop the house. As I have discussed in the past "heights" are not my thing and to put that chair atop this structure you must have to climb unless there's a trap door at the very top, I mean look at this place and how it gets more narrow the further up you go.


West Creek
Shawn Michaels



So here are the latest photos I took just the other day and to me it looks like there is a brand new chair sitting up there, replacing the old chair which was falling apart.


Chair House
Shawn Michaels


Below is a photo from a while back and as you can see the chair looks like it's missing the back, so to me, it appears there's a brand new top to the "chair house" but I am not sitting up there lol no way!


Ocean County
Shawn Michaels



Have you seen the "chair house"? It's a fun "weird" Jersey thing.


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