Spring is here at the Jersey Shore, yes it's cold right now, but do you hear those peepers?

Here in the Garden State we do have a great wildlife. It's the regulars from squirrels, wild turkeys, deer ( I see more and more deer), and of course frogs.

What's that sound and what's a spring peeper?

It's probably something you hear and you have no idea that's a spring peeper. They're all over the state of New Jersey, but the more rural spots, you can really hear these peepers.

jasonondreicka, getty images
jasonondreicka, getty images

Spring is a great time of the year, especially when it's warm. The flowers pop out, the pushes start blooming, the cherry blossoms, and the peepers.

Peepers are a small chorus of frogs. Peepers are tiny, you might never see them, and it's the sound I wait for every spring.

From youtube user, AudubonGuides:

Spring peepers are very hard to find because of their size and they blend in with everything around them. They have an X on their back for their one distinct marking.

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An interesting fact about spring peepers, according to onlyinyourtate.com, only the males chirp. When mating season ends, you may still hear them on some rainy nights. Mating season for the peepers are in, you guessed it, spring.

When you spot a peeper, if you do, please leave it where it is. They are very, very hard to find, but we sure can hear them.

Another sign of spring in New Jersey are the beautiful hummingbirds.

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