Rite Aid is closing several more locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. They've closed a number of 37 stores, since last year.

The locations in New Jersey that are closing.

  • 1097 Broadway (Bayonne)
  • 1360 Blackwood Clementon Road (Clementon)
  • 249 Cuthbert Blvd. (Haddon Township)
  • 335 Village Center Dr. (Logan Township)
  • 104 12th Ave. (Newark)
  • 237 Spring St. (Newton) (according to nj12.com)

The Rite Aid on Maple Avenue in Pennsauken is on the list. In Pennsylvania there 4 locations that will be closing near Philadelphia.

Rite Aid says it will gradually phase out these locations in the coming weeks, according to nbcphiladelphia.com. Rite Aid recently filed a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

From Rite Aid's website: "As we move through this process, Rite Aid remains focused on providing leading healthcare products and services that improve the health outcomes of the nearly one million customers that we serve daily."

Originally we started hearing about different locations of Rite Aid stores closing in New Jersey and other states back in 2023. When they made the announcement, there were a list of 154 stores that would be closing on the East and West Coast.

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In this area of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware there were 50 on the original list with locations closing this year.

The Rite Aid on Rt. 9 in Beachwood closed, that was one that was on the list. In Ocean County, we have well over ten Rite Aid Stores and pharmacies open. They have not been affected, and I'm hoping they won't be.

I feel there are a lot of pharmacies right around the corner from each other. Whether it's Walgreen's or Rite Aid, they're always so close to each other. And, most grocery stores have a pharmacy to for all of our needs, maybe there's no need for pharmacies anymore, especially with Walmart Superstores?

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