I think probably if you drive in any state in America or any country around the world, you will find bad roads. That being said once you do find "bad roads" you begin to add up the frequency you run into these "bad roads" and you come up with a list like this that ranks the worst roads in America. In the article by Money Talks News, they ranked the worst 15 states with bad roadways. Bad news for New Jersey, we made the list. That being said, I do think the Garden State Parkway is one of the best highways in the Northeast. It's kept in pretty good shape and for me, it's a great road to get around the Garden State. For me, Jersey loses the "highway grade" on its side roads. Once you exit off the Garden State Parkway you run into bumpy pothole plagued roads. Probably the roads through your neighborhood are a mess and patched together like an old quilt.


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Unsplash.com Jake Weirick
Unsplash.com Jake Weirick




According to Money Talk News, "To determine the states with the worst roads, researchers at Construction Coverage calculated the share of major roadways in poor condition. The data used in this analysis is from the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration. Major roadways are defined to include interstates, other freeways and expressways, other principal arterials, and minor arterials. (Editor's Note: This story originally appeared on Construction Coverage.)"



Unsplash.com Rasheeque Ahnaf (Piash)
Unsplash.com Rasheeque Ahnaf (Piash)



In the survey, New Jersey ranked #2 for worst roadways in the nation. Here is a look at how New Jersey's roads ranked nationally:

  • Share of major roadways in poor condition: 36.4%
  • Share of major roadways in fair condition: 31.1%
  • Share of major roadways in good condition: 32.5%
  • Daily vehicle-miles traveled per capita: 20.5

The only state that ranked worse than New Jersey was Rhode Island which came in #1 in America.

How do you feel about Jersey roads? Have a favorite road? Have a road you think is the worst during your daily commute? Post your comments and leave your thoughts below.


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